Our Sources


      The majority of our seasonal flowers and orchid plants are sourced through San Francisco's local flowers market, one of the only five grower-owned wholesale flower markets in the United States. 

Since we opened our doors in 1987, we have built and cultivated relationships with market vendors, creating an understanding of the best sourcing methods for our customers.  

As a local business, it is important for us to network and support each other.  We greatly appreciate our local growers commitment to providing us with exceptional quality of products.  

      We are constantly on the look out for the most unique and highest quality products.  Our quest has led us around the globe to source specialty flowers from places such as Hawaii, Ecuador, Morocco, Brazil, Thailand, Holland, New Zealand......... to make sure our customers are surprised each and every week by the exotic beauty found in our store.  

      Thanks to all our local and world-wide vendors and friends, we are able to produce and deliver over a hundred plant and fresh-cut designs per week.