"Every leaf and twig was this morning covered with a sparkling ice armor; even the grasses in exposed fields were hung with inumerable diamond pendants, which jingled merrily when brushed by the foot of a traveler.  It was literally the wreck of jewels and the crash of gems...."  -  Henry David Thoreau

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Twilight Bayou
From $225.00
Snow Candy
From $195.00
Misty Pines
From $225.00
Amethyst Tide
From $175.00
Mauve Affair
From $175.00
Inglenook Muse
From $250.00
Emerald Luster
From $175.00
Icicle Dreams
From $150.00
Fawn's Repose
From $100.00
Winter Sunrise
From $195.00
Tropical Breeze
From $175.00
A Quiet Song
From $175.00
Snowberry Luxe
From $295.00
Tulip Wonderland
From $150.00
Tulip Tranquility
From $150.00
Orchid Jubilee
From $95.00
Orchid Radiance
From $200.00
Orchid Splendor
From $175.00
Botanical Jewels
From $275.00
Orchid Oasis
From $165.00
Amaryllis Aria
From $125.00
Cymbidium Chimera
From $100.00
Wilhemenia Tulips
From $115.00
Enchanted Vandas
From $135.00